My welcome in Uganda, Stix, Boda Boda’s and Indian Food

14 Mar

The realisation I’m in Uganda is slowly seeping through. I’ve been looking forward to this new adventure for quite a while and still feel like pinching myself that I’m actually here now. And here I am in shorts and t-shirts sitting on the deck of Nile River Explorers Camp overlooking the Nile. 

With a few tears in my eyes I walked through passport control, but as quickly as my eyes got moist, they were dry. Mostly because I did not want to walk around sobbing and I had to focus so I would end up on the right plane. Off to Istanbul I went, one of the most chaotic airports I’ve experienced, but luckily I was on the next plane before I knew it. After a few movies and pretty good food, we landed in darkness in Kigali, Rwanda. Some people left the plane, new people came on and about two hours later I was finally there; Entebbe airport at 4am local time. As I was getting off the plane I was wrapped in warmth and half an hour later, with a nice new stamp in my passport I was outside.

There were more people then I expected all with papers with names on it and yes my name was there. Stix the very kind taxi driver who was waiting for me, he helped me put my luggage in his car and off we went to Bujagali. Unfortunately I couldn’t see much of where we were driving, because it was still dark. As the sun started rising a few hours later, we started coming closer too Bujagali. When I arrived Celia, the manager, was waiting for me. We drank a cup of coffee and chatted, after which I wandered around for a about an hour and then decided to get a couple of hours sleep, I was exhausted.

The three hours worked their miracle, I was up and before I knew it on the road. With Celia and a few others I went to the Sailer’s Club to have a drink. Met a few new people, mostly from USA, Canada, South Africa and England. After some interesting conversations and a lovely glass of wine, we walked to the gates where the boda boda’s were waiting for us. A boda boda is a motor/scooter taxi’s where you hop on the back and they drive you to your next location. The traffic can be rather chaotic, plus the roads are not all covered with tarmac, hence it can turn into interesting rides at times. We arrived at an Indian restaurent and I can tell you, I was not expecting to eat Indian on my first night in Uganda. But yes goat meat it was, which in the sauce I found tasted like chicken. This didn’t matter, I was hungry and it was delicious! After dinner we went in a taxi back to the camp, where I quickly hit the hay for a good nights sleep.

The sun was shining into my room and The Beatles told me it was time for my second day in Bujagali. I surely enjoyed my first day in the office, which went by so fast. The morning I looked at the day to day business and chatted to Celia, who started explaining things one by one. In the afternoon I went to town, to do some shopping for the company and for myself. This was the first time I got to see a bit of Jinja in daylight. Little bit overwhelming at first, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon enough.

It made for an interesting day and hopefully many more come. I will do my utmost to write more stories and hopefully make tons of photos to share this amazing place where I was lucky enough to get too. Now it’s time I’m going to enjoy my Ugandan beer and join the merriment. Of course just a little, tomorrow I’ll start at 7.30am and at 8.45am I’ll be off to the river to go rafting!!

To be continued…



3 Responses to “My welcome in Uganda, Stix, Boda Boda’s and Indian Food”

  1. Jo March 14, 2014 at 4:06 pm #

    Sounds like it will be a great adventure Hess!

  2. jos en bobbi van groeningen March 16, 2014 at 5:39 pm #

    Lieve Hess,
    Hoewel we jou wel missen, zelfs hier in Palm Springs, zijn we blij dat jij deze [dit?] ervaring mag meemaken – wij bewonderen wel jouw moed. Ook hopen we dat jij genoeg tijd met de rafting mag hebben, en niet zo veel in het kantoor, of vind je dat ook leuk?
    Jouw Engels schrijven is “tip-top”, keep up the good work!
    Veel liefs, bobbi & jos

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