Thank you IKEA

2 May

A new adventure has begun. This time I’m on my way to a small town in the Highlands of Scotland. This town is close to Inverness, which is the capital of the Highlands and that is where I will be picked up. Which brings me to Scotland, yes the whitewater.

I chose a slightly different way of traveling this time, by bus. As I’m writing this I’m realizing that in the same time that it takes me to get Inverness I could have flown from Amsterdam to Edinburgh about 20 times or I even could have been in Sydney Australia. But this is not the case and this journey definitely is a new experience. I mean you don’t drive to Scotland everyday.

On a somewhat grim parking lot in Zeeburg, Amsterdam the blue bus was waiting for me. I got lucky and got a really good seat. At 9 am the bus closed its doors and the driver put his foot down, off to Belgium. First stop was in Brussels, second stop Ghent and from there through France to the Euro Tunnel. Euro Tunnel took some time, we had been waiting for 45 min when we finally could go to passport control, but luggage had to come out as well. Luggage through the scanner and the French checking all passports. Everything and everyone back in the bus, only to drive for 5 minutes, because then the English wanted to check passports. All in all this took process took so long that we missed the train to England and had to wait for another hour. It did not matter much to me, on a journey of almost 30 hours, one hour more or less is no biggie.

Seeing the driver park the bus into the train was quite surreal and slightly claustrophobic, perfect moment for me to have a nap. About an hour later, I woke up as we were driven towards London. We crossed the thames and passed parliament to finish at Victoria station. Upon arrival I ate some delicious fish and chips after which I went to find bus departures. After nearly three hours the bus to Edinburgh took off. After I moved places in the bus, because it was terribly cold, I met a very nice woman. We chatted through most of the night, not being able to sleep. When we arrived in Newcastle she even offered me a place to stay, if wanted to visit Newcastle. We sat behind the driver, who when he heard I was from abroad started pointing out some of Newcastle’s attractions. Thus I have seen the gigantic sculpture named ‘The Angel of the North’.

Taken from the bus to Iverness.

Taken from the bus to Iverness.

Luckily I got a little sleep before arriving in Edinburgh. From Edinburgh the bus took off to Inverness. The view was stunning, the rolling hills, empty fields, sheep, mountains with white peaks. I found it to be a very impressive rugged landscape.

More than 900 miles and 29 hours after I left beautiful Amsterdam I had arrived in Inverness, what a delight. If I’ll ever take the bus to Scotland again? For the time being, no. All the bus rides were definitely doable, but maybe better not to do them all in one go.


Luggage with blue card!

A very big thank you to IKEA for selling such a solid little card! It made my life a whole lot easier, being able to roll my luggage instead of dragging it. I could not have survived this journey without that beautiful blue trolley.

To finish I’ll share a short conversation I overheard between two men whilst waiting for the bus in London.Let’s call them Pete and Jack.

Pete: “I got an American fridge ‘

Jack: “What’s so special about that, does it talk with an accent when you open it?

Well my first story is done, I hope you have enjoyed reading it! I’m very curious what future adventures are waiting for me.

Here’s to the adventure ….


2 Responses to “Thank you IKEA”

  1. Joke van Groeningen May 2, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    Hi, ma chere. Ik heb je net gesproken en je site even doorgestuurd aan Elly.

    liefs, Mutti

  2. Ellen May 2, 2013 at 7:51 pm #

    Leuk Hes!!! Njoy! en wat een uitvinding die blauwe kar hahah xxx

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