19 Jun

We arrived safely in Barcelona. Except for a few screaming children on the plane it was a very pleasant flight. Leaving more and more clouds behind us as we approached Spain felt good. The thought of soaking up lots of vitamin B and maybe getting a tan is always nice. We will stay in Barcelona, my mum and I, until thursday. My mum will fly back to Amsterdam and I shall continue my journey to Llavorsi.

We had to get up at 4am to go to Schiphol airport, which was tough, but we made it. We got to the hotel very relaxed, which was not far to walk from the bus stop. This was very pleasant, considering I have so much luggage. The hotel is well situated and staff is friendly.

The rest of the day we ended up wondering around. We visited La Catedral, La rambla, Mercat de la Boqueria and Església de Santa Maria del Mar. The picture’s we follow soon.

After a day filled with lots of walking we decided to go for a bite and followed the advise of the wise writer’s of the lonely planet booklet of Barcelona, to great success. We had an amazing traditional Catalan dinner and the setting was wonderful. Surrounded by wine bottles and lots of people talking very fast in Spanish. The area of the restaurant reminded me of the ‘pijp’ in Amsterdam.

After a good night sleep we started our Gaudi inspired walk across Barcelona. We visited La Sagrada FamÍlia, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló and walked passed the stores of Luis Vuiton, Chanel, Hermes and other big names.

Now after relaxing a bit, it’s time for another endeavor and find a place to eat.

To be continued…


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