Plan de campagne

10 Aug

Dear all,

Sunday the 21st of August I’ll be hoping on a plain back to Canada. I’ll first spend one maybe two days in Toronto before heading to ‘The Pointe, base camp’ at Esprit in Davidson, Quebec. The three months that will follow, I shall participate in a course called W.I.L.D, this stands for Whitewater Intensive Leadership Development. I’ll be trained in six core elements;

  • Whitewater Kayaking
  • Whitewater Canoeing
  • Raft guiding
  • Riverboarding
  • Swiftwater rescue
  • Wilderness first aid

I’ll be travelling through Canada, USA and Mexico, visiting different rivers along the way. At the page Travel Itinerary you can find where I’ll be on which date, of course this is subject to change depending on the water levels of the different rivers.

With this blog I’ll hope to keep those interested informed on my travels. I shall do my utmost to write as much as possible, how this will work out…time will tell. As for now, my blog is still under construction, as I’m learning while doing. I’m working on being able to post in Dutch as well as English.

My goal of the course is getting certified, but most of all getting the internship when the course finishes. The internship is approximately 4 months in Jalcomulco, Mexico gaining valuable experience.

At the moment I’m in full preparation mode all the whilst attempting to keep my thoughts organised. Being almost overwhelmed with happiness, fear and most of all excitement.

Love, Hes

This map is not the exact route that I’ll be taking, but it comes fairly close.


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